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Defective Products

Ensuring Safety in Everyday Products

Consider all the products you use daily—from appliances like your washer and dryer to household cleaning products, cosmetics, and your car. These are common in our homes and lives, and we have a right to expect to use the products safely.

When you are injured while using a product, you may be able to pursue a product defect claim. A product liability claim seeks to hold a seller, manufacturer, or designer responsible for injuries that occur when a consumer uses a product in its intended way. There are three types of product defects:

  • A product has a design defect when the actual plan for the product was faulty or insufficient design testing was performed.
  • A failure to warn claim stems from a marketing defect. You may have a marketing defect when you are not told how to use a product or warned of its potential risks.
  • A manufacturing defect occurs when there was a problem in the making of the product

Duffy & Young has challenged the safety of certain medical devices and medications, chemicals marketed for household use and sold at large retailers, and defective tires. Trust us to advocate for you if you have been injured while using a product.

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